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Aktualizacja: 16-11-2017

IBM ThinkPad X32

Laptop IBM reds
Dodano: 17-09-2017
Bought this ThinkPad from asie in July 2017. It's working pretty fine, the only thing that doesn't work is turning it on without AC power supply - it won't power on without it, but it'll continue to work just fine if unplugged after boot. Inside it contains 4GB Kingston CF card as HD (i plan an upgrade), 8GB SD card in PCMCIA socket for files and 2GB of DDR RAM.

Because X32 is ultra-light, i made it my carry-everywhere laptop. It runs debian with WindowMaker pretty well, and i can play some light games (OpenTTD, xgalaga, TH07, SNES emulation), or write some code.